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How long does it take to order products from the Simcha Centre?

The answer depends on the product being ordered. Since most products are produced based on customers' orders, the time frame will vary based on the product and/or producer/artist involved.

A general idea of the time frame until your order would be ready to ship:

  • Kippot (Diamond Collection) - 4 weeks
  • Kippot (Platinum Collection) - 6 weeks
  • Benchers (Personalized) - 4 weeks
  • Benchers (Unpersonalized) - 1-2 weeks
  • Ketubot (Personalized) - 4 weeks
  • Ketubot (Unpersonalized) - 1-2 weeks
  • Bencher Pens (Personalized) - 1-2 weeks
  • Bencher Pens (Unpersonalized) - 48-72 hours

Most other items ship out within 24-48 hours provided that they are in stock. If not in stock, you will receive a notification when your order is processed to let you know the shipping delay.

PLEASE NOTE: All personalized orders are processed based on a blend of a first-come-first-serve basis and priority based on the simcha date. If you need your kippot by a certain date in advance of the simcha, please make sure to note in the comments field. Otherwise, our manufacturers will prepare the orders in accordance with their own priority policies.

If your simcha is sooner than the dates listed above, the order may be subject to rush charges. Contact us at or 1-888-99-SIMCHA for any orders.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

In most cases there is not; you can order as many or as few of any product as you like, as long as you order by the quantity defined on the item page (Diamond Collection kippot are ordered by the dozen, all other items can be ordered by single units).

Platinum Collection kippot must be ordered in a minimum of 60 pieces per type, with the exception of Satin kippot. Satin kippot from our Platinum Collection can be ordered in a quantity as low as 30 pieces per colour, as long as the total quantity is 60 pieces or more.

Is there a personalization cost?

In some cases there is, in some cases there is not.

Kippot: Kippot from our Diamond Collection are subject to a personalization charge for quantities of 1 - 3 dozen. Quantities of 4 dozen or greater will be personalized free of charge. If they are all to be personalized the same, you can mix-and-match among the different kippah styles and colours in our Diamond Collection, and the quantity will be counted together with regard to personalization. Minimum 1 dozen per colour/style.

Kippot from our Platinum Collection are always personalized free of charge.

Benchers: The personalization charge on benchers is based on a set charge for the first 100 pieces, and a smaller charge for each piece thereafter. If they are all to be personalized the same, you can mix-and-match among the benchers in either our Prestige or Signature Collection, and the quantity will be counted together with regard to personalization.

Bencher Pens: The personalization charge for Bencher Pens is comprised of two parts: (a) creating a mould for the screen printing machine, and (b) the actual printing fee. As such, the initial cost of printing bencher pens can be high, but with each additional pen added to the order the average cost increases substantially.

Ketubot: Ketubot are standardly sold unpersonalized; personalization is available for an extra charge.

How many kippot/benchers do I need to order for my simcha?

Every simcha is different, and as such it is hard to give exact numbers based simply on your total guests. Hopefully the following guidelines and thoughts will help:


  • Figure out the number of males expected to attend the simcha.
  • Is the plan to give kippot to everyone as a keepsake from the simcha, or only to supply kippot to those who will need one?
    • If supplying only to those who need, then based on the location of the simcha (ie. shul, banquet hall, etc.) and the religious observance of the crowd attending, roughly what percentage of men can be expected to come with their own kippot?
  • Do you intend to order any extra kippot to keep for yourself? If so, how many?


It is important to remember that by the time benching comes around at your simcha, there is a reasonable chance that many guests may have already left, especially at simchas that run into the later hours of the evening. As such, ordering too many benchers might mean that you end up spending more money than necessary on benchers that never get used.

  • To give out to guests at the simcha, a good general guideline is:
    • 3 per table of 10 seated guests, for a more sparse amount
    • 4 per table of 10 seated guests, average
    • 5 per table of 10 seated guests, for a more generous amount
  • Do you intend to order any extra benchers to keep for yourself? If so, how many?

Can orders be cancelled?

Orders which have not yet been prepared by the producer/artist can be cancelled, but are subject to a 20% cancellation fee.

Orders which have been prepared can no longer be cancelled.

If you need to cancel your order, we must receive notification in writing at

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